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Sober Living 

GFM The Synergy Center has partnered with Healthy House and Abigail's Palace to provide Sober Living Housing.

What is Sober Living?

  • Sober recovery housing provides a supportive community where you can start your new life free from alcohol or other drugs. Residents at a sober house commit to abstaining from substance use while pitching in and helping to create a safe, supportive living environment.
  • Living in sober recovery housing helps you develop new habits and routines, taking what you learned during drug or alcohol rehab and applying it in your daily life. This is where the rubber starts to meet the road in recovery.
  • Think of sober housing as your support net as you practice new skills, gain new insight, and shape your new life in recovery with other people who are possibly facing the same challenges. Sober homes provide a strong support network to help you safely navigate the tough spots and triggers you will encounter after leaving drug or alcohol treatment before returning home.

Transitioning into a sober living home can also be known as:

Sober Living Housing/Home
  • Also called transitional living arrangements; these are group homes for people who may need a more structured, supportive living situation than they can get at their home. There are rules that would include the maintenance of the shared living spaces, a curfew and expectations about how time is spent during the day. Typically there is a senior resident who keeps people accountable or there may be staff that stop by periodically who check on how residents are doing