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UrbanZone Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

UrbanZone YAC serves as program guides to the UrbanZone leadership team. YAC will  help develop relevant programs, help with funds direction, and evaluation or future program recommendations.  Serve as mentors of a youth driven communities.  YAC plays a crucial leadership role that it drives the direction and focus of being a youth-driven organization. 
Community Service
Here on the left is a photo of the YAC at the mental health carnival volunteering and representing UrbanZone. They played games with the kids that came up to the table and explain to other what our program is about and how they could get themselves or a friend/ family member signed up for the program and they also explained how they could become apart of the YAC. 
On the right is Youth Advisory coordinator Scott Martin feeding the homeless at MLK Park a community service activity that  the YAC put on.